Militarized Drones Take Africa in Counterterrorism Tactic: CIA

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s drone program in Africa is expanding and will target concentrations of al-Qaeda and ISIS in the Nigerian desert, the New York Times said Monday.


‘Bullying’: US Closes Palestinian Mission Office in Washington

Just south of the Libyan border, a covert military base in Duque has been deploying fleets of drones on surveillance missions for several months, a Defense Department spokeswoman, Maj. Sheryll Klinkel told the Times.

She denied the operation of any military missions from the small city airport, however satellite imagery shows five defensive positions, security checkpoints, and walls were constructed in February around the Duque airport.

During an interview with Nigerian Interior Minister Mohamed Bazoum, though he was unable to give details on the drones, he said, “All I know is they’re American.”

Reports said the U.S. presence in the region has grown from 100 military personnel to 800 people.

According to the city mayor, Boubakar

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