Impossible Aerospace wants to revolutionize drones, then aircraft

Drones are changing photography, but they’re also making it easier and cheaper to perform surveillance, monitor fields and crops, and inspect infrastructure. The problem is that most drones, even ones used in these commercial and industrial settings, wind up facing the same big problem: short battery life.

California-based startup Impossible Aerospace says it’s figured out a solution. The company — which came out of stealth on Monday by announcing a $9.4 million funding round, partially backed by Airbus’ venture wing — isn’t claiming any wild battery breakthrough or promising some flashy new-look dodecacopter concept. Instead, the company says it simply rethought the way drones are designed and built — apparently to great results. Impossible says its first drone, which is about the size of a DJI Phantom, can last up to two hours in the air, far longer than the 20- to 40-minute flight times offered by most other

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