Impossible Aerospace Unveils Electric Drone It Says Has Record 2-Hour Flight Time, And Dream To Change Aviation

The Impossible US-1Courtesy of Impossible Aviation

An electric aircraft startup, Impossible Aerospace, has emerged from stealth mode with a quadcopter drone that it says can stay aloft for two hours, roughly four times as long as other electric drones, and $9.4 million in Series A funding from Airbus and two Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

The small Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company says it’s achieved dramatically longer flight time through techniques it’s developed to package conventional lithium ion battery cells as structural elements, allowing it to cram more battery into the drone at an equivalent weight.

“It’s not so much an aircraft as it is a flying battery,” says founder and CEO Spencer Gore, who previously worked as a battery engineer at Tesla.  

Gore has bigger ambitions, seeing the drone as a proof of concept for his approach, which he believes can scale up to make longer-range electric passenger aircraft with today’s low energy-density

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