This Giant Homemade Drone Crashed Into a Tree in Ukraine. You Might Be Surprised Who Built It.

The drone hung up in a tree near the Ukrainian village of Gorbivtsi. When border patrol officers got the thing down, it was clear this was no small recreational aircraft. The quadcopter was so large it took two men to load it into the bed of a truck.

The Ukrainian borders are a hotbed of drone activity as the country continues its ongoing struggle against the Russians. But even by the strange standards of the area, this machine was unique. Aside from its large size, it appeared to be possibly homemade.

So what the heck is it? Turns out this unmanned aircraft may have little to do with Russia and a lot to do with smuggling cigarettes.

Unmanned Contraband

The Ukrainian government is involved in a multi-front drone war that’s been going on since the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014. The Russians used advanced drones

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