Review: Parrot Anafi

The drone manufacturer DJI has dominated the skies for years now. The race currently isn’t even close, with the Drone King capturing around three quarters of the consumer market. But DJI isn’t alone out there. The French company Parrot has been quietly making flying machines for roughly as long as the Chinese giant. True, most of Parrot’s efforts have been glorified toys. But with the introduction of the Anafi, Parrot’s first folding, 4K-shooting drone, it looked like the company was finally ready to compete head-to-head with DJI. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

First, the good news. The Parrot Anafi has some features that you can’t find on virtually any other consumer drones. The camera gimbal can tilt up and down a full 180 degrees, meaning not only can it shoot straight down, but also straight up, enabling it to capture some unique angles. Shoot a slackliner from underneath? That’s cool.

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