John Krasinski goes from Dunder Mifflin to the CIA in ‘Jack Ryan’

Tom Clancy’s hero “Jack Ryan” is always presented as a reluctant hero, a CIA analyst who would rather be behind a desk at Langley than out in the field.

Uh huh. Sure, Jack.

By the end of the first episode of Amazon Prime’s new series “Jack Ryan,” Jack (John Krasinski) is fighting terrorists at a secret military base in Yemen. By the end of the second episode, he’s got a gun out chasing a potential terrorist through the streets of Paris.

Of course, part of the fun of the previous Jack Ryan novels and movies was seeing how Clancy and the screenwriters would maneuver their “reluctant” analyst hero onto a Russian submarine (“The Hunt for Red October”) or to battle a drug cartel in Central America (“Clear and Present Danger”). And, to be fair, “Jack Ryan” might not be as compelling if the most action Ryan saw was leaving his computer to get

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