Game Of Drones

The attempted assassination of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro last month using a pair of drones armed with explosives made international headlines and is a harbinger of future high-profile attacks using common drones.

Of course drones have been being used to kill people for many years now. Since 9/11, the US government has carried out hundreds of drone strikes against terrorist targets in Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Drones, or “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” (UAV), are piloted by remote control as well as onboard computers. They were first used for surveillance and reconnaissance then were weaponized for the purpose of killing the bad guys.

The CIA has killed a lot of terrorists with weaponized drones. They’ve also killed some civilians too in the process. According the New America Foundation, the US government killed around 2,500 “jihadist militants” with drone strikes. Different organizations have estimated that between 10 and 20 percent of those killed in those

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