Iceland proposes drone surveillance to combat fishing fraud

A bill proposing more oversight in the Icelandic fishing industry, including drone surveillance of ports, has evoked strong reactions from opponents, reports Iceland Review.

The country’s Minister of Fisheries Kristján Thór Júlíusson put forth the bill, which has the purpose to counteract the practice of discarding catch and weight fraud.

It covers all fishing ports, weighing license holders, and vessels engaged in commercial fishing.

The bill proposes camera surveillance in each port which would monitor the landing of catches as well as their transport and weighing.

Camera surveillance would also be installed on all fishing vessels to monitor the fishing and processing of catches.

The Directorate of Fisheries would also operate a fleet of remote-controlled aircraft to monitor all activities in the industry. Staff at the Directorate of Fisheries would have electronic access to the camera system.

The SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise is opposing the bill.

“There is no doubt

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