Yuneec Mantis Q drone offers 4K camera, voice control, and 44mph …

Consumer-tier camera drones are nothing new, but they usually come with many compromises not found on larger, more expensive drones. One of those compromises is typically flight time, which can be as low as a few minutes depending on model. Yuneec is here to offer an alternative, announcing its new Mantis Q model with up to 33-minutes of flight per charge. The drone also packs voice control, a 4K camera, and more.

The Yuneec Mantis Q is billed as a foldable travel drone, one small enough to slip into a large pocket when the rotors are folded in. Despite its small size and 1lbs weight, this model boasts long flight times, enabling users to record long activities, cinematic clips, and more. Yuneec has also packed a bunch of features that make recording this content as simple as possible.

As far as still images are concerned, Mantis Q knows to take a

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