Georgetown Police Department Uses Drones to Locate Suspects, Perform Search and Rescues

The Georgetown Police Department (GPD) in Kentucky has been using drones to find missing persons, locate stolen vehicles and suspects fleeing from crime scenes, and document infrastructural failures. According to News-Graphic, the primary motivation to purchase the aerial equipment was a sharp rise in vehicle break-ins, and an urge to stay in lockstep with practical technological innovation.

Fortunately, the GPD’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Unit didn’t have to foot the bill for Atlanta-based Sky Fire Consulting’s drone on its own, as it was subsidized through funds seized in a drug bust in April of last year. This isn’t your standard hobby drone, either, as the UAV is fitted with numerous cameras that allow for efficient surveillance and functional visibility regardless of when the need arises.

“The unit has a thermal imaging, night vision and an infrared camera system on it that ... read more at: