ATLAN Space Develops AI Drone Software to Identify Environmental Crimes

Drones have helped environmentalists more effectively do their job for quite some time now: from astronomers and ecologists and conservationist groups to Australian rangers developing aerial anti-poaching systems, the modern camera drone is extremely practical in locating, identifying, and collecting evidence of environmental crimes. Moroccan startup ATLAN Space has joined the fray with its artificial intelligence (AI) and drone-centric system intended to distinguish between legal and illegal poaching activities in Africa’s surrounding waters.

According to CNN, the startup won National Geographic’s $150,000 Marine Protection Prize in June for its pilot project to thwart illegal fishing in the Seychelles, with co-founder and CEO of ATLAN Space Badr Idrissi adamant his fleet of drones creates a more thorough database of illegal fishing and poaching locations with each deployed unit. 

Idrissi, a former account manager

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