What Do We Know So Far About Alleged Maduro Assassination Attempt?

On Saturday night, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro survived what government officials in Caracas are calling an assassination attempt. During a military event in the country’s capital, a nearby explosion interrupted Maduro’s televised speech, leaving seven people injured. The head of state was unscathed following the alleged attack, which spawned a few speculations about what happened in Caracas during his address.

Maduro Points at the Suspects

Two hours after the incident, Maduro, who leads the ruling Socialist Party, appeared on TV to accuse his “ultra-right wing” opponents in Venezuela of what he called a failed drone assassination attempt.

“That drone was coming for me but there was a shield of love. I am sure I will live for many more years,” he said, adding that the initial investigation points to links to Colombia and its President Juan Manuel Santos in particular, as well as Florida-based financiers.

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His comments mirrored those of his Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez, who claimed that several drones loaded with explosive

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