Are drones the new terrorist weapon? Someone tried to kill Venezuela’s president with one.

Venezuelan National Guard soldiers scatter during an explosion as President Nicolás Maduro was speaking on Aug. 4 in Caracas. (Venezuelan Government TV/REUTERS)

Last week, someone tried to kill Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro using a drone. Maduro’s speech was interrupted by an explosion — video shows the camera shake, Maduro and his wife flinch, and witnesses flee in panic.

There were a few injuries in the crowd, but Maduro escaped unscathed. The Venezuelan government claims to have shot down two explosives-laden drones before they could attack. A dissident group called Soldiers in T-shirts claimed responsibility.

This marks the first attempt to kill a head of state with a small, commercially available drone.

Are drone assassinations the next terrorist weapon? Here are four things to know.

1. Why would terrorists use small drones?

Unmanned aircraft appeal to terrorists, insurgents and other militant nonstate

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