Dimwitted Drone Debacle Helps Venezuela’s Dictators, Not Its Democrats


It’s tempting to call last weekend’s failed drone attack on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro daring.

Unfortunately, the only thing you can ultimately call it is dumb – because assassination attempts are only going to make Maduro dig in, not give in.

When Maduro claimed last Saturday he’d been the target of exploding drones, the world was rightly skeptical. Maduro and his socialist regime are shamelessly notorious for concocting assassination conspiracies to divert attention from their disastrous and dictatorial rule.

But the next day videos surfaced that, when examined closely, caused even opposition activists I telephoned in Caracas to admit Maduro’s claim was credible. The only question, they cautioned, was whether anti-government militants really launched the drones – or whether the regime itself staged the attack to justify another crackdown on political opponents.

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