Danger Drone

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro clutched his microphone stand during a televised address Saturday and looked skyward at what he thought could be a pyrotechnics display. Moments later, a second blast sounded somewhere in the vicinity—sending dozens of soldiers, previously standing in neat rows, scattering.

Venezuela’s Interior Minister said Sunday that six “terrorists” had been detained in relation to the drone-propelled explosions, one of which authorities were able to electronically intercept and the other of which hit an apartment building nearby. He said the two DJI M600 drones carried roughly two pounds of C-4 explosive and had been directed at Maduro.

The incident marked another escalation in the use of drones, this time allegedly in the form of an assassination attempt against a state actor.

“Previous assassination attempts required you to get somewhat close to the target,” says Todd Humphreys, a professor at the University of Texas. “But going forward, you could

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