Drone hits Iowa toddler in the face, police investigating

BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) — A freak accident left a toddler bleeding from the face and ended his day at the park with a trip to the emergency room.

“I’m just trying to take my kids to the park and have a normal day,” Cassandra Roberts, Atticus’ mother, said.

One-year-old Atticus was playing at a park in Bettendorf, Iowa when a drone hit the swings he was on and smacked him in the face.

“You hear their drone swoop over to the swings,” Roberts said. “It was a good sized drone and it had the four different propellers.”

Roberts told police a group of four were flying the drone over the soccer field when it came down. She filed a police report after taking Atticus to the emergency room.

“I would think my kid falls off the playground before he gets

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