Review: DJI Mavic Air

Since the advent of the consumer drone (not so long ago, really), making a purchasing decision around new flying machine has involved weighing a list of compromises. Want high quality images? You’re going to have a big drone that’s tough to maneuver. Want something portable? Your footage will look like garbage. Want something easy to fly? You’re getting a glorified toy that will fall apart in a light breeze.

DJI, the world’s leading manufacturer of consumer drones, tried to solve this last year with the Mavic Pro. While that easy-to-fly, foldable drone did check many of the boxes, the camera wasn’t stellar. With this year’s Mavic Air, however, DJI has finally arrived at a product design with just the right mix of flyability, portability, and image quality. In other words, the DJI Mavic Air is where all drone-shopping quests should begin, and it’s also where most

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