Fairfax County, Virginia Delays Drone Program Expansion to Focus on Public Concerns

The Board of Supervisors for Fairfax County, Virginia discussed the potential use of drones for law enforcement and emergency services at a committee meeting in January, but decided on Tuesday to delay the purchase of several drones to focus on the public’s privacy concerns before continuing, according to WTOP

Though the meeting earlier this year covered the motivations and use-cases for expanded drone use in detail, the completed, full drone policy manual was only released last week, with little time for the Board of Supervisors to assess it and approve it. Currently, the idea to purchase at least half a dozen drones, each costing around $3,500, has been put on hold in order to garner public input before moving forward.

“I have subsequently contacted organizations that I thought would have opinions on this,” said Supervisor John Foust. “They were not

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