Get Ready for Indoor Surveillance Drones

Surveillance drones are headed indoors.

Two technology companies say they are partnering to develop a fully automated drone security service designed to work inside. From takeoff to landing, the drone system, a joint venture between U.S. and Germany-based Skysense and Avansig, a Spanish technology company, will work automatically to detect “potential security threats or breaches,” Skysense wrote.

The drone security guards will apparently follow a pre-programmed route, livestreaming everything they see and flagging anything perceived as out of order. When the drones’ batteries are low, they’ll return to their charging pad and charge up on their own. The system is intended to be fully automated, requiring as little input from people as possible.

Imagine a roving CCTV camera with no blind spots. It would have really complicated the heist plan in Ocean’s 8. (But I’m sure Rihanna would’ve found a way to pull through.)

Generally speaking, automated

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