Could Drones Help US Police Find Active Shooters?

Nimrod Ron founded Eyeron after being part of search and rescue operations in Nepal.Eyeron

One of the tragic stories that emerged after the Parkland killings was that of Scot Peterson, the armed security guard who didn’t enter the school as students were dying inside.

He followed what he thought his training was – but that meant staying outside for seven minutes as he tried to ascertain the location of the shooter. This story in The Washington Post is a nuanced story about Peterson and the guilt he feels —  though calls from inside the building that would have located the shooter were being routed away from him.

He who was tarred and feathered on social and other media; his story was immediately picked up by people who seem open to using any tragedy to further their agendas.

Half a world away, Nimrod Ron has been thinking about these questions – not

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