Aerial drone contest takes on real-life challenge at Northrop Grumman

Roughly 40 interns and students scurried about Sunday at El Camino College’s Murdock Stadium – dripping sweat and yelling into megaphones and two-way radios while controlling remote-controlled airplanes, drones, and rovers across a football field sized map of the world.

The teams, comprised of students El Camino College and Hawthorne High, were assigned a virtual mission aimed at a genuine contemporary challenge: Fight wildfires as they pop up in unforeseen locations.

With media reports detailing efforts to control deadly fires raging all over the West, you couldn’t get a more poignant concern on Sunday.

Put on by Northrop Grumman, the Global Innovation Summit brought together high school and college students to design, build, test and fly a variety of drones to address natural disasters that would be too dangerous to deploy humans on-site to mitigate.

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