Policing Police Drones, Inheriting Facebook Messages, and Unexplained Sounds: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Photo: Getty. Illustrations: Axon, Shutterstock/DESY, Science Communication Lab/Anjelica Alzona (Gizmodo)

We here at Gizmodo had a lot of questions this week, and we did our best to give you some answers because you’re probably wondering some of the same things. For instance, if you’ve ever asked yourself who is regulating police drones to keep them from being abused, the answer is, “Pretty much nobody is right now, but we better get someone on it quickly.”

Other questions are a little harder to provide a conclusion for. Should your family be able to inherit your Facebook messages? That’s likely up to you, and is a good reminder that we have all sorts of digital “property” that our loved ones will have to sort out after we die. Best have a plan for what should be done with it.