USAF Reveals Details About Some Of Its Most Secretive Drone …

According to the official citations, the two individuals from the 732nd who received medals at the July 2018 ceremony, referred to only as Major Asa – now retired – and Captain Evan, were involved in what may be a typical operation for the group’s Reaper units. The event involved persistent surveillance and ultimately a strike against a “high-value target and known terrorist” in an unspecified locale in February 2016.

Asa and Evan, who was then a 2nd Lieutenant, helped surveil this unnamed individual over a period of 74 days before the strike occurred. “Once identified, the crew adapted to a dynamic situation as the target traveled through densely populated areas at a high speed,” the Air Force’s press release stated.

The Reaper was not actually responsible for killing the individual in the end in this case. Instead, Asa and Evan’s drone used its laser designator to paint the target for another aircraft

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