Fly the World’s Tiniest Camera Drone

Flying drones and capturing images from the sky is fun. If you haven’t flown the SKEYE Nano 2 Camera Drone before, you’re in for a treat. It’s the world’s tiniest camera drone, and can stream birds-eye-view footage while buzzing through the skies.

While it’s not going to shoot the kind of footage you’d get from a professional camera drone, it can capture 1280 x 720 video and save it on the included 2GB microSD card. The tiny drone is also very easy to fly, even for total beginners, thanks to the 6-axis flight control system and the ability to use your phone as a remote control via WiFi.

Once you’re feeling ready, you can even attempt some acrobatic flying tricks to impress your friends. Enjoy a stable flight every time with the SKEYE

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