Citizenship is a lie

The writer can be reached at Twitter @Imran_JanThe writer can be reached at Twitter @Imran_Jan

The writer can be reached at [email protected] Twitter @Imran_Jan

Alice Wells babbled the “do more” with a jalapeño this time. She said, “Increasingly I think it’s becoming simply unacceptable for the Taliban not to negotiate.” In 2001, Pakistan had strongly advised the Americans to negotiate with the Taliban instead of attacking. The tangy part is that now the US is telling Pakistan to “do more” to exert pressure on the Taliban to negotiate peace. It is like Trump starts calling CNN truthful and unbiased while CNN labels itself “fake news”.

The FATF “grey list” where Pakistan found itself is disturbing yet very thought provoking. It calls for soul searching but not in the sense of correcting the mistakes but rather questioning why do we even

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