Parrot’s Anafi 4K drone is much more than a flying toy

Another of the Anafi’s more unique features is that the camera can point directly down and directly up. I can totally see how this could be used to create some interesting shots, even if I haven’t executed any personally. Filming a plane flying directly overhead, for example — maybe with some treetops in the shot for added texture.

The Anafi also boasts a digital zoom feature that doesn’t have you sacrificing clarity. Thanks to some oversampling trickery, you can zoom in up to 1.4x at 4K and 2.8x at 1080p without losing pixels. The Anafi’s 21MP sensor actually shoots at 5,344 x 4,016, which is where the buffer comes from. This feature works exactly as described, but it’s worth noting the speed at which the camera zooms in (read: but not out) is very slow — around 0.1x per second, which limits its utility somewhat.


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