IDF shoots down Syrian surveillance drone over northern Israel

Israel shot down an unarmed drone that entered its airspace from Syria on Wednesday afternoon local time, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said.

The firing of a Patriot missile at the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) triggered rocket sirens in Israel’s Golan Heights and Jordan Valley regions, and shortly after videos appeared on social media showing a trial of white smoke in the sky over Israel.

The drone was an intelligence-gathering aircraft and belonged to the Syrian government and its remains have already been retrieved just south of the Sea of Galilee, almost ten kilometers (six miles) inside Israel, an army spokesman told reporters.

He said the UAV had been tracked long before it entered Israel, flying through both Jordanian and Syrian air space. The army has not yet determined whether its crossing into Israel was deliberate or accidental.

Israel urgently checked with Russian and Jordanian officials that the drone did not belong to either

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