A hacker was caught selling a stolen Air Force drone manual for $200 on the dark web

Hackers love to sell phone numbers, passports, and other personally identifiable information on the deep web, but last month one person was looking to make a quick buck off of a few military maintenance manuals.

On June 1st, Recorded Future’s Insikt Group discovered someone attempting to sell military documents on the deep and dark web. The person had recently registered an account on a hacking forum and published screenshots of what he had dug up. Through weeks of investigation, analysts were able to determine that the documents were authentic and the hacker had obtained them by gaining access to a Netgear router located at the Creech Air Force Base through a previously disclosed FTP vulnerability. In 2016, cybersecurity researchers found a similar vulnerability in Netgear routers with remote data access capabilities.

After successfully gaining access to the router, the hacker was able to infiltrate a captain’s computer and

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