Waxahachie Police, Fire Departments now ready to deploy drones


Waxahachie Police and Firefighters are taking public safety to a new altitude, as each department is working to incorporate the use of a drone into its operations.

Waxahachie Police officer David Bittle stated drones were initially brought into law enforcement to help document accidents and outside crime scenes, which are spread out over a large area.

“We can map those in a fraction of a time without shutting down the road with the drone and some software,” Bittle said. “If we shut down the road and put up the total (mapping) stations that could take a could of hours to get a few hundred points to put on a map with a software system.”

Bittle stated the drone can fly a programmed route and take the pictures needed to create a three-dimensional map of the area within minutes. However, creating 3D maps is just one way the police department uses the

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