David Pogue reviews Parrot Anafi drone [Video] – Yahoo Finance

Parrot’s philosophy is completely different. A spokesperson told me the company trusts you to obey the laws (including registering your drone, by the way). They don’t want to babysit you or take away your independence.

On one hand, that sounds like Parrot’s excuse for putting no obstacle-avoidance sensors into the Anafi—by far its greatest weakness. If you want to fly it into a wall or a tree, it’s got nothing to stop you. (In my three weeks of testing, I crashed it three times. Thanks to its 11-ounce, carbon-fiber construction, though, it suffered no damage.)

The Mavic Air, by contrast, has anti-collision sensors in front, back, and bottom (here’s my review). The only way you can crash it is sideways or upward. (DJI is reported to be developing a Mavic with anti-collision sensors

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