Cops Have Been Losing Tech Race, but That’s Changing

A 16-year-old landed in jail last week for allegedly gunning down a man in cold blood on a road in Stockton, California.

During the same time, Terry Emerson found himself behind bars after Stockton police found three illegal handguns in his car during a traffic stop.

These events, while unfortunate, would not be out of the ordinary for an area that has historically struggled with crime. Of particular interest, however, is how these men were tracked: using a police surveillance drone.

In the pop culture of decades past, criminals always had the edge. Barney Fife caricatures would lose to criminals wielding Tommy guns, and John Dillinger-style gangsters handily evaded chase in their souped-up getaway cars. Indeed, at least in the opinions of law enforcement representatives, the technical balance of power has traditionally favored the bad guys.

But in this brave new world of drones, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence, police officers could

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