Orem Fire Department unveils state-of-the-art tool: a drone

LINDON — The Orem Fire Department unveiled its newest fire-fighting tool Monday morning: a specialized drone.

The unmanned aerial vehicle, more commonly known as a drone, has three specialized cameras onboard to provide real-time information to an incident command for a slew of situations: one camera has thermal imaging, another has a 30x zoom capability and the third provides a normal view of what the thermal camera is looking at.

Ryan Peterson, a battalion chief for the Orem Fire Department, said the large zoom allows the department to identify people from several miles away during search and rescue missions. The thermal technology cuts through smoke and anything else that impairs visibility to give firefighters a bird’s-eye view of hotspot locations and the path of a structure fire.

Orem Fire Department’s new drone cost about $30,000 and will help in fighting structure fires as well as finding

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