Security Integrators: It’s Time to Learn About Security Robots and Surveillance Drones

Automotive manufacturers were among the first to embrace a societal shift by assigning many production line tasks to machines. This allowed them to complete projects quicker, cheaper, and with greater accuracy. Make no mistake: in security integration, we’re in the age of security robots and surveillance drones.

With unemployment rates at unprecedented low levels, it is becoming more challenging to add human resources. As an industry, we are going to need to rely on security robots to help us keep up with the workloads.

A significant accelerant to its adoption will be the prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) to enable reliable ways humans can get rapid and real-time intelligent insights into what’s occurring on a site. This will be primarily accomplished through the deployment of drones for security and security robots.

Security Drones Benefit Enforcement

One of the biggest deterrents to theft in the traditional security market is the threat that

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