July 2, 2018

Automotive manufacturers were among the first to embrace a societal shift by assigning many production line tasks to machines. This allowed them to complete projects quicker, cheaper, and with greater accuracy. Make no mistake: in security integration, we’re in the age of security robots and surveillance drones. With unemployment rates at unprecedented low levels, it […]

OREM, Utah – A new drone is helping Orem public safety agencies improve their reach. A local company based in Lindon and also in Canada, called Pro Fire donated the approximately $30,000 drone to the Orem Fire and Police Departments. “We have a large zoom and visible camera, which allows us to identify persons from […]

Patrol Services Division Cmdr. Chad Karlewicz of the Renton (Wash.) Police Department sees drones as a force multiplier. For example, a survey of the scene of a car accident once took a half-dozen officers six hours to complete. “Now, we fly over in 20 minutes and literally have millions of measure points,” Karlewicz says. “It […]

Capture ultra clear 4K video from the skies with Mark: The Ultra-Intelligent 4K Foldable Drone. Capable of shooting up to 13MP images and true 4K video, this drone also comes with an image stabilizer to ensure clarity. Weighing about as much as your iPhone, the ultra-portable drone easily fits in your pocket or bag. It […]

A government statement said the new aircrafts will “undertake a range of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks.” China’s claims over the region are challenged by several other countries, including Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, and the Philippines. However, earlier this week China’s leader Xi Jinping said: “We cannot lose even one inch of the territory left behind […]

MOSCOW, July 2./TASS/. Police officers hauled in an Egyptian national who propelled a quadrotor into the air in the heart of Moscow on Friday, a law enforcement source told TASS on Monday. “Police officers detained a resident of Cairo, who launched a quadrotor in the area of the Red Square on Friday,” the source said. […]