July 2018

The new Skydio R1 drone.Mark Vena Drones have become a mainstream product for businesses and consumers over the past five years, as functionality has expanded and pricing has dropped below $999. Companies like DJI, Yuneec, and Parrot have achieved significant market growth in the space, with affordable, relatively easy-to-use drones capable of capturing high-resolution (even 4K-class) […]

The palm-sized SKEYE Nano 2 comes with ready-to-fly technology, adjustable gyro sensitivity and 6-axis flight control system so beginners or more advanced pilots can enjoy it right out of the box. It’s capable of acrobatic flips and stunts, and you can fly it at night thanks to built-in LED lights. Its small size lets you […]

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – The Appleton Police Department says having a bird’s eye view with their police drone helps out their officers on the ground in certain situations like a search and rescue. Assistant Chief Larry Potter and Officer Kong Lee stopped by Local 5 This Morning to show off the drone, why they want […]

AFTER THE MONSOON By Robert Karjel 404 pp. Harper/HarperCollins Publishers. $26.99. Peter Hoeg’s 1992 publishing sensation, “Smilla’s Sense of Snow,” was America’s gateway drug to a long-term dependency on Nordic noir, suspense novels in which the placid progressive surface — health care, tolerance, bicycles — is routinely shattered by neo-Nazis, rapists, neo-Nazi rapists. Just maybe, […]

When a U.S. citizen heard he was on his own country’s drone target list, he wasn’t sure he believed it. After five near-misses, he does – and is suing the United States to contest his own execution July 19, 2018 Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Show more sharing options Tumblr Pin It

You probably believe that drones are quite expensive and only a luxury that the wealthy can afford. In reality, you can get the world’s smallest camera drone for just $29. The SKEYE Nano 2 Camera Drone can capture HD footage in the tightest spaces while still being extremely affordable. Don’t worry if you’ve never operated a […]

SKEYE Nano 2 is the world’s smallest camera drone, and boasts an unrivaled flying experience, streaming a real-time first person view of the tightest spaces directly to your smartphone. With adjustable gyro sensitivity and 6-axis flight control system, this tiny drone is easy to control for even the most novice pilots. Heck, if you’re just […]

The Mountain View Police Department had eyes in the skies over Shoreline Amphitheatre last weekend, employing drones to patrol the Audiotistic festival. It marked the department’s first foray into using unmanned aerial systems, which were flown by members of the security drone company Aptonomy. On the city website, Mountain View police reported a week prior […]