First impression: Autel’s foldable Evo drone that aims to compete …

Six months after I first got my hands on the Autel Evo at CES 2018, I finally got the opportunity to fly it. It’s not because I was busy flying other drones… but it’s because Autel took that long to bring their foldable drone and Mavic Pro competitor to the market. The official launch of the Evo was last Monday, June 25th and I am going to try and look past its rocky launch because the drone itself is really impressive. Here are some of my first impressions upon getting the drone out and spending some time flying it.

Evo has the best camera on the smallest drone

The quality of the images coming from the Autel Evo blew my mind as soon as I plugged the micro SD card into my computer. I had flown all the way down to

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