Police: Drone-flying man arrested for Philly car break-ins – WTVD

Philadelphia police say a man used a drone as part of his one-man burglary spree in Fairmount Park.

Eric Jenkins, 38, allegedly used that drone to look inconspicuous among the park-goers. But, police say, he was actually keeping a watchful eye on unsuspecting people parking their cars.

“Under the guise of flying a drone, he’d then see people park, walk their dog, go for a jog,” said Lt. John Walker.

Once the car owner walked away, he’d allegedly break out a window.

“He sees he has an opportunity for about 40 minutes to break into cars. Breaks windows, usually a female’s, gets the license, takes the credit cards, go to the city limits and uses the credit card,” said Walker.

Police say Jenkins has been arrested for burglaries in the Unit Block of Valley Green in late March and the lower parking lot of the Belmont Plateau last May.

“We located Mr. Jenkins on the

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