Parrot Anafi vs DJI Mavic Air: which 4K foldable drone should you …

Compared to any other lightweight, bargain drone, the DJI Mavic Air has, up until now, hovered well above its rivals. 

Its compact frame, robust 4K camera and impeccable obstacle avoidance AI make for a near-flawless choice for drone enthusiasts and newcomers alike. 

Last week, French drone maker Parrot decided to come for DJI’s throne. The new Parrot Anafi, which ships next month, dazzled us with an equally skinny body, dynamic 4K HDR camera and excellent battery life. 

If you’re trying to decide whether to pre-order promising newcomer Anafi or purchase the tried-and-true Mavic Air, you face a tough choice. 

We’re refereeing the lightweight championship bout between these two scrappy foldable drones, to see how they shape up in specs like speed, camera, price, AI tricks and more. 

Plus, keep your eyes out for our full review

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