Drones Proliferate at Eurosatory Show

The Eurosatory defense show in Paris is mainly focused on equipment for land forces, but this includes air defense systems, and inevitably these days, a variety of small drones and counter-drone systems. There were plenty of these on display at this week’s event, notably including VTOL attack drones. Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin brought news of some air-carried weaponry, French company Daher unveiled an ISR version of its TBM910/930 light aircraft, Hensoldt unveiled a new air defense radar, and various SIGINT systems were on show.

MBDA said that it had developed the first air defense command and control system to integrate anti-drone and traditional air defense capabilities. Named Licorne, it is lightweight and mobile and employs drone datalink detectors and jammers. It provides what MBDA described as “a first level of coordination” with short-range air defense missiles such as the company’s own Mistral. Coincidentally, MBDA announced a further contract for Mistrals worth €50

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