US Drone Policy Not Transparent Or Accessible

By Homeland 411

WASHINGTON—Current U.S. drone policy is less transparent and less accessible under the Trump administration, said panelists at a Stimson Center forum June 7. The event was focused on the release of the Stimson Center report An Action Plan on U.S. Drone Policy: Recommendations for the Trump Administration.

Rachel Stohl, managing director of the Stimson Center, called the report a cornerstone of Stimson’s work. The research team’s main purpose was to find out if Trump administration drone policies were transparent and legitimate.

“In short, the Trump administration’s drone policy appears to be less restrained, less transparent, and less accountable,” Stohl said, noting several changes from past administrations’ programs.

According to Stohl, the drone policies have changed by the tempo of strikes, the geographical location of where strikes occurred, and the amount of authority required to use drones against terrorist suspects in non-war zones. The CIA also

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