A single police drone has seriously impacted crime in a Mexican city


Drones are finding a place in so many industries lately that it’s little surprise police departments have also been testing the technology for crime-fighting operations.

The city of Ensenada in Mexico, for example, has recently achieved positive results using just a single quadcopter, Wired reported this week. The flying machine has helped to cut overall crime in the city by as much as 10 percent, including a 30 percent drop in house burglaries,

Cops in Ensenada, located a couple of hours south of the U.S. border, have been using DJI’s Inspire 1 quadcopter for the last four months and so far the eye in the sky has helped them to make a whopping 500 arrests.

The police department’s drone has been sent skyward mostly in response to emergency calls from the public, so far flying around

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