CIA whistleblower: ”No regrets. I would do it all again”

John Kyriakou, 2018. Yorgos Boskos. All rights reserved.Three years after he was released from prison, former CIA
officer John Kiriakou again denounces the torture programme as illegal and unethical which he had exposed
back in 2007. Kiriakou explains why he feels no
regrets about his decision to blow the whistle, although it came at a high
price for him as for NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake: he would do
it all over again.

Kiriakou recollects the CIA’s new director, Gina Haspel,
overseeing torture sessions in a secret prison overseas. ‘‘When the programme
was finally exposed, Haspel personally ordered to destroy videotapes of CIA
torture’’, Kiriakou says.

On Donald Trump, Kiriakou believes his personal instability
to be dangerous. ‘‘There is an anti-Russian hysteria in Washington, it’s unlike
anything I have seen before in my life. That’s why I fear for the country’’,
Kiriakou states.

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