Here Come the Drone Police

This sort of dystopian scenario doesn’t sit well with Ewell, however, who reminded me that footage generated by the sheriff’s drone is not even recorded, let alone saved for months or years at a time. In fact, he emphasized, because nothing is currently recorded, “none of it is prosecution or crime-scene related.” The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department drone thus plays no evidentiary role in documenting police investigations, hazardous spills, or criminal behavior. “But that’s just us,” Ewell added. “You can let your imagination go on different things that a particular agency could use these devices for.”

Another way of looking at this is that, for now, mission creep is more of a risk than the actual mission. Misuse is often more interesting for critics than a system operating as it should be, but even so, if remotely controlled aerial vehicles become an everyday part of police tactical gear,

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