Hampton Police & Fire Departments using drones to keep citizens safe

HAMPTON, Va. – Drones are getting more familiar. There’s the whir, the buzz, the speed and then the bird’s eye view. The technology is making its way into police and fire departments across the country, including Hampton.

“Ultimately our entire premise of the operation is to provide another layer to keep our community safe,” said Sgt. Mark Kincaid, the Commander of the Joint Police/Fire Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Unit.

The joint unit was two years in the making. St. Kincaid said they wanted to make sure all the proper protocols were in place for citizen safety before even one drone was purchased.

There are six firefighters and six police officers in the joint unit. All of them are cross-trained, meaning police officers can do what the firefighters are trained to do and vice versa. They can do a variety of things with their drones, from post-disaster assessments to fighting fires. They can also

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