RoboCop-ter: Boffins build drone to pinpoint brutal thugs in crowds

Video A drone surveillance system capable of highlighting “violent individuals” in a crowd in real time has been built by eggheads.

The artificially intelligent technology uses a video camera on a hovering quadcopter to study the body movements of everyone in view. It then raises an alert when it identifies aggressive actions, such as punching, stabbing, shooting, kicking, and strangling, with an accuracy of about 85 per cent. It doesn’t perform any facial recognition – it merely detects possible violence between folks.

And its designers believe the system could be expanded to automatically spot people crossing borders illegally, detect kidnappings in public areas, and set off alarms when vandalism is observed.

The inventors are based at the University of Cambridge, in England, India’s National Institute of Technology, and the Indian Institute of Science. They hope their autonomous spy drones will help cops crush crime and soldiers expose enemies hiding in groups of

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