Man Dives Into Lake, Catches Drone Just Before It Crashes Into Water

Watching your very expensive flying camera slowly drift toward a watery death is probably not the most enjoyable experience. Luckily for this man, he managed to make a last-minute catch that’s definitely worth of a top ten reel.

This video comes from Dave Svorking and shows a pretty impressive drone save. DJI drones are programmed to land automatically when they reach critically low battery levels, and unfortunately for the pilot, if it’s over water at the time, that’s where it’s landing. Luckily, the drone doesn’t just drop out of the sky (that’s the entire point of auto-landing while there’s still a little juice in the battery), but rather, it starts an agonizingly slow descent toward the ground (or water, in this case). If you’re on dry land or in a position to snatch it out of the sky, it seems like a great feature that saves your expensive investment and your wallet. If

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