June 6, 2018

Automated surveillance is going to become increasingly common as companies and researchers find new ways to use machine learning to analyze live video footage. A new project from scientists in the UK and India shows one possible use for this technology: identifying violent behavior in crowds with the help of camera-equipped drones. In a paper […]

Ever since DJI turned heads with its folding Mavic Pro and Mavic Air drones, other drone makers have been trying to imitate its design. French drone maker Parrot is responding with its own collapsible drone that can take photos and record video in 4K. Arriving on July 1 (available for pre-order now) for $699, we […]

FLIR Systems has been awarded a $2.6 million order from the United States Army for airborne video surveillance units. Specifically, FLIR will provide its Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance Systems (PRS), which is used by soldiers for surveillance and reconnaissance. The FLIR Black Hornet PRS equips the dismounted soldier with immediate covert situational awareness. This technology […]

Watching your very expensive flying camera slowly drift toward a watery death is probably not the most enjoyable experience. Luckily for this man, he managed to make a last-minute catch that’s definitely worth of a top ten reel. This video comes from Dave Svorking and shows a pretty impressive drone save. DJI drones are programmed to land automatically […]