Legislation Introduced to Illinois Senate Aims to Expand Law Enforcement Drone Use

According to Illinois publication Daily Chronicle, newly introduced legislation would expand the limited use of unmanned aerial vehicles for local law enforcement, for use cases including identifying possible criminal activity, evaluating crowd size and movement, public safety, and monitoring potential infrastructural weaknesses in public places.

This legislation, Senate Bill 2562, has already been approved by the Senate, but faces two amendments from the House. One of these amendments was approved with the other having been tabled after officials voted not to adopt it in committee. 

DeKalb Police Chief Gene Lowery is eager to implement drones into the job as he’s seen first-hand how practical they could be after a local resident used his drone to monitor a local gunman who barricaded himself in an apartment. Additionally, other members of the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department have explained how useful UAVs were in investigating local traffic

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