Drones In Film: a “Snapshot of Life” in Liberia

Photo courtesy JUST

When it comes to telling a story, drones often provide the only way to get a big picture across.  San Francisco-based food innovator JUST set out to communicate what life is like in one neighborhood in Liberia – and went to the air to capture a compelling snapshot.

“The concept for JUST’s ad was simple. We wanted to show the world a place where people live hard but joyful lives with an unparalleled sense of pride, purpose and community,” says Andrew Noyes, JUST Head of Communications.  “Getting the shot wasn’t so simple. That place was West Point, one of them most crowded, chaotic areas in Monrovia, Liberia.”

“JUST’s resident filmmaker enlisted a four-person crew who — with limited time, resources and on-the-ground knowledge — packed their bags and passports for an exhilarating and emotional adventure they’d never forget,” says Noyes.

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