Security video shows drone flying in same area woman says she was hit, injured

SALT LAKE CITY — Security camera footage shows a drone flying in downtown Salt Lake City at the same time and location that a woman claims a drone fell from the sky and cut her nose.

“Yeah, that’s me. You can see I’m holding my face,” Erin Rubens said while watching the video. “I was freaking out, hoping that my nose was still there.”

Cameras situated on the Salt Place Convention Center captured numerous instances of a drone flying through the sky around 3 p.m. on Friday, near 100 South and West Temple.

“I’m glad that we found it,” Rubens said about the video. “It just validates what I knew happened.”

Even though a row of trees blocks the view of where Rubens said the drone made impact, she’s glad the surveillance video confirms the existence of the drone.

“There was a drone,” Rubens said. “What is it doing there?”


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